This website is dedicated to cleaning tips Рthis includes tips for businesses, home owners, small business owners and any other person out there in a commercial or domestic environment that wants to learn all of the best tips for cleaning.

Why is cleaning so important?

Cleaning is hugely important for many reasons and is something that everyone should be mindful of in their every day lives.

  • Health – living, working or simply being present in a dirty environment can be very bad for your health – you could be breathing in harmful toxins, you could be coming into contact with bacteria¬†and there are many other reasons that make a dirty environment dangerous for your health.
  • Slip hazards – an unclean environment can also be dangerous physically – there may be mess that you could slip over, trip over etc.
  • Clean house, clean mind – this is relevant in any environment, if you have a clean environment then it helps you to keep a clean and organised mind.