9 things you shouldn’t store in the fridge

We’ve got some great tips to help you make space and keep your fridge fresh smelling and organized. Often times we keep items that take up a lot of space in the fridge. This can happen a lot in summer. Other times, we keep items that are probably better off in room temperature too. We’ve compiled a list of things not to keep in the fridge so that you can really free up some room for more suitable items.

  1. Any Breads

By keeping bread in the fridge you are simple increasing the chances of it going bad. If you want to get the most out of your loaf try buying some bread bags and storing them in a cool dry place at home.

  1. Onions

The trick with these is to keep them away from sunlight and in dark areas. You often see onions sprout when they are outside of the fridge. If they are in the fridge their aroma can affect other fruits and vegetables in the salad drawers to best to keep them out. If you have a half cut onion its probably best you freeze it.

  1. The Tomato family

This is rather a surprising one for most people. The kitchen counter or even the windowsill is the best place for tomatoes. Keeping them in the fridge lessens the taste. Tomatoes need higher temperature to sustain taste.

  1. Pastry

Typically, at parties or at any occasion cakes don’t last more than a few minutes. In case they do and if they cake doesn’t have real cream on it you can store it in any airtight container for 3 or so days. If it does have cream you need to place it in the fridge.

  1. Coffee

Coffee has a very strong smell. It’s better to store coffee in an airtight container and not in a fridge as its aroma can dominate all other smells. This applies for coffee beans as well as ground beans too.

  1. Garlic

Not much explanation is required with respect to the characteristics of garlic, especially its odour. Garlic does just fine in dry ventilated areas so keep it away from the salad drawer.

  1. Avocado

The quickest way to ripen an avocado is actually to place it alongside a banana. Placing avocados in the fridge actually slowly down the ripening process. Place them in open bags if you want them just right.

  1. Melons

If it’s a melon you just bought, you can place it outside with confidence. Just take a look at all those roadside melon stands as an example. Once you’ve cut them make sure you use cling wrap and place them in the fridge.

  1. Honey

Honey is probably the only food on the planet that doesn’t go bad. You can be more than confident about placing it outside the fridge and in any cupboard.

5 ways to get more from your dishwasher

Ensure your dishwasher is doing all the hard work instead you, with these important tips.

1 Use Vinegar

Vinegar is amazing from cleaning everything from mirrors, to kitchen tops and now can be used to clean your dishwasher too. All you have to do is take a couple of cups of vinegar and place it on the top most level of your dishwasher and turn on the machine. You don’t have to add any other detergent too.

2 Use a wire to clean spray arms

In case the vinegar wash is insufficient due to the presence of thick debris you might need to use a wire to clear out the tiny spray holes. The wire can be small, similar to the ones people use for hanging picture frames.

3 Nitty Gritty Gunk can be cleared using a toothbrush

One of the finest tools to clear the stubborn rubbish from your dishwasher is a used toothbrush. Next time, think twice about throwing one of those away as you can use the bristles to clean any build-up off filters.

4 Silverware organization prior to loading the machine is key

Unloading the dishwasher becomes extremely easy if you do end up placing all the cutlery in the trey. A lot of people are guilty of not doing this.

If your spoons and forks are entangled amongst one another it might be hard for the dishwasher to do its job properly and clean the spoons and forks thoroughly. A trick is to place half facing up and the other half facing down. As a safety measure ensure the sharp end of all knives are pointing down.

5 Empty the items below

A typical scenario is when you empty all the cups from the top rack 1st and all the water spills back on to the bottom rack, soaking the dried items again. Ensure you clean out the bottom first to avoid this issue.