Grass Stain removal tips

During summer, picnics can be very pleasurable experiences but they can cause grass stains which are quite annoying to remove. We’ve compiled somethings that you can do to navigate this issue.

Delicate fabrics like silk bear the brunt of the problem as the chlorophyll pigment can be hard to remove. These grass stains are essentially a mixture of proteins and chlorophyll.

Fabrics that are washable: Swift action is the key to remove stains from silk. Make use of White Wizard and gently run the affected area. Make use of white paper towels to get rid of as much colour as you can. Following this, machine wash using a delicates cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. The process is essentially the same when dealing with cotton fabrics. Once you have made use of the white paper towels, you can then use a biological detergent to wash the fabric in the machine at 40 degrees Celsius. For wool, you have two options you can use white wizard and wash the item at 30 degrees in the machine, similar to treating silk or employ a more effective method. You can spot treat any area that is affected by grass stains with Stain Devils No. 5, make sure you read the instructions given by the manufacturer thoroughly though.

Shoe stain removal tips: Typically for a picnic you might wear tennis shoes or white leather trainers. In this case utilize WD-40. All you have to do is spray the area that is stained with just a few drops of the WD-40. You can wipe clean with a cloth afterwards.

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How to remove grease stains

Grease stains is a common problem faced by cyclists. The key to having a great cycle to travel around town, is maintenance. Keeping the bicycle oiled can often cause an oily mess. Tackle those ugly stains with our handy advice.

Shoe Polish is known to contain pigment and oils, well, Bicycle grease stains are very similar to that.

As a general advice you can scrape off any solid pieces with a blunt knife. When specific fabrics are involved, follow these instructions:

Carpeted area: The carpet often bears the brunt of an assortment of stains in almost every household. Use clean paper towels to blot after applying a couple of drops of WD-40 on the areas in question. Try to leave an interval of 30 seconds after you apply the WD-40. Following this you can work your way from out to in and just gently dab at the affected area. You can keep repeating this process until the stain has been removed. You can also use White Wizard to cleanse the carpet of any remaining colour traces. If there is a mark or two, apply the product and then leave it be for a couple of minutes. The start dabbing the areas with a paper towels. After the stain has been removed completely. Use a clean cloth to dry.

Fabrics: For fabrics the process is depends upon the size of the stain itself. If it is a deep stain follow the same process you did for the carpet. Follow it up with a treatment of Stain Devils No. 3 to remove any traces of the previous product used. Machine wash as usual at the end before you wear. If the grease stain is quite small initially, then all you have to do is to rub a little liquid detergent and wash for instant results.